The following components are required to record working times with AbaClock:





The AbaClock terminal is the basis for the Abacus Time Recording system. The prices per terminal vary between CHF 790.00 and CHF 1'190.00 depending on the version.



Badge terminal

One badge per employee is required for time recording at the terminal.
Legic and Mifare cards are compatible with AbaClock. These are used in Kaba, Mobatime and Zeit AG systems.

If no badge cards are in use yet, or if your badge cards are not compatible, you can purchase cards or NFC stickers from the AbaClock shop for a maximum of CHF 2.00 per employee.



Synchronization module

To be able to process, control and evaluate working times, the Time Recording module or AbaProject the Abacus Business Software or the free Cloud Business Software AbaNinja is required.



Synchronization subscription

For the required synchronization into Abacus Business Software or into the free Cloud Software AbaNinja, one subscription per employee must be purchased.

Monthly prices excl. VAT valid from 01.01.2018. Prices are subject to change:

  • With Abacus Software, per employee and client depending on the extent of functionality: CHF 2.00 – 5.00
  • With Cloud Business Software – AbaNinja: CHF 2.00


AbaClock Monitor

The basic version of AbaClock Monitor, which is used to monitor terminals, is free of charge and is available to all users. For a monthly fee of CHF 5.00 per terminal, the following additional functions are offered in the premium version:

  • E-mail notification
  • Notification by telegram (chatbot)
  • Display analysis data

All prices excl. VAT. Prices are subject to change.

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