Everyone wins with AbaClock Your employees. Your department heads. Your company. Compliance with legal requirements, more transparency and reduction of administration costs.


Legal compliance

Article 46 of the Labour Code (ArG) obliges employers to record the working hours of their employees and make them available as required. AbaClock, as part of the Abacus time recording platform, offers the possibility to efficiently and uncomplicatedly comply with the duty to record work and attendance times. This provides you with legal and administrative assurance.


The employees record their working hours with their badge at stationary AbaClock terminals. The terminal displays the current planned, working and flexitime times and the holiday balance in real time. The employees therefore always have an overview.


The complete integration of AbaClock into the Abacus Time Recording platform offers several advantages:


All data is available anytime and anywhere (on the Abacus time recording platform) in real time.

Central employee master data

Thanks to the central employee master data for time recording and payroll accounting, double entries, as they were common in earlier systems, are a thing of the past.

Distribution of wages

Thanks to full integration with the time recording platform, overtime can be paid out directly with the next month's wage if required.

Control for supervisors

Supervisors and HR managers can verify the working hours of their employees and can react if necessary or adjust incorrect time entries. The verification takes place in the Abacus Business Software, in the employee portal. The correction of erroneous entries is additionally supported on the smartphone app AbaClik.

Attendance list

Registered employees are visible at a glance.


Working hours recorded with AbaClock are synchronized via the Internet with the Cloud Service

Abacus Business Software

If AbaClock is linked to Abacus Business Software , working times are automatically synchronized in the Time Recording or AbaProject module and displayed in the reporting program.

Cloud Business Software AbaNinja

Alternatively, AbaClock can be linked to AbaNinja, the free cloud business software. Working times are transferred automatically and can be seen in AbaNinja in the Time Recording. AbaNinja only supports control of the working time. If further functions such as overtime, extra hours or GAV calculations are to be displayed, Abacus Business Software must be used.


The monitoring of the time clocks is guaranteed by AbaClock Monitor.  For example, a power or Internet failure is indicated by specific color coding in AbaClock Monitor. Notification by e-mail or telegram (chatbot) is supported.


With AbaClock Monitor, the time clocks are centrally managed and easily configured with company-specific settings.

Time Recording Settings

Few settings offer the possibility to adapt time recording to the needs of the company, for example the display of your company logo on the terminals.

Badge Assignment

The badges are assigned directly in the AbaClock app or in the personnel base of Abacus Business Software.

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