iPad terminal for
time recording

Simple and integrated

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Clock in and out and record working times with AbaClock efficiently and easily on the terminals.


Employees remained informed at all times about their planned time, working time and flexitime as well as the holiday balance.


Thanks to full integration into the Abacus Time Recording platform, working times, holidays and absences are available everywhere in real time.

The modern iPad time recording from Abacus

One or more stationary iPads serve as terminals. A terminal consists of an iPad with protective glass and a badge reader with Near Field Communication Technology (NFC). The iPad is enclosed in a case which houses the badge reader.

Multiple AbaClock terminals can be connected via the Cloud, allowing employees to log in and out at different locations. Identification at the terminal takes place via contactless NFC identification cards.


Time Recording – legally compliant
and integrated!

It's simple!

"The new Time Recording with AbaClock and AbaClik saves us a lot of time, because our employees record their working times themselves and which are immediately and clearly displayed in the Abacus software. Thanks to the simple operation, no lengthy training was required."


"AbaClock is seamlessly integrated into the Abacus software and is indispensable for us. Once the employee has been entered in the personnel base and assigned to AbaClock, he or she can start using their badge."

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